Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We all write like 15 year olds

Apparently I touched a nerve in my previous post when I said that blogging down whatever you did over the weekend to the whole wide world is akin to the writing of that of a 15 year old. Guess I'm not the only overaged 15 year old writer out there =P

Hahhaa. The thought of it cracks me up.

Nonetheless, for the lack of better justifications, I shall continue to post 15 year old writings. Well not all the time. But most of the time.

The thought of not further humiliating myself and no longer damaging innocent surfers mind's (by not blogging anymore - not the other stuff that I do; sorry folks that's here to stay XD ), has crossed my mind many times. But somehow I think there's some therapeautic quality involved when you know whatever rubbish you write will still have some sort of readership. Well ok maybe only I read my own blog but that's besides the point. Like I mean, really, who cares about what you did over the weekend!?!?! Who cares if you drove up to Genting to enjoy some nice view but all you ended up seeing was fog? But yet there's a certain joy in sharing your experiences to others (and it's even better on the internet cos you can tell more people with just one post!), no matter how superficial it may be.

I think I'm shallow.

aha aha aha.

Monday, April 28, 2008

One of those crazy weekends

My weekends, seem to fly by without me knowing much about them, and yet again this monday morning I'm here trying to retrace what exactly happened to the latest weekend.


Thursday night - Movie outing with campus students: Forbidden Kingdom. Come to think of it, teruk la the movie. 11 bucks for a movie like that. I think that was the funny part of it . Bleh. And also how I realized that i'm getting olddddddddd.

Friday night: Movie outing (again!2 nights in a row!! zomg)... with Agnel, Kysern and Cheryl. Initialy Agnel called me up and said, "daniel, let's go watch forbidden kingdom!" zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. After quickly shooting down the idea and telling him that its not worth your 11bucks and friday night, we ended up watching "Lars and The Real Girl". Which I have to say was a better movie than "Forbidden Kingdom". It's an indie film, the low budget kind with minimal soundtracks and all, a bit longer than it should be but on overall very interesting.

Saturday: Did some housechores, went to scout for guitar pedals (with no end product), church meeting, then dinner at Cineleisure for agnel's birthday with the AF guys + girlfriends. Then had this crazy idea (I believe it's agnel's) to drive up to genting to have kopi, where apparently (according to agnel) there was this great outdoor cafe (coffee bean) thing where you can sip coffee and enjoy an excellent view. All that happened when we got there was the fantastic view of the kabus (fog). zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. So that evening we made a general consensus that if agnel says it's really good, rate down 30%, and if he says its really bad, rate up 30%. Plus when the kabus cleared all we saw was darkness. -_-" Eventually got home at 230am, no thanks to my louya savvy. 2nd gear all the way going up genting. What was funny was that there was agnel & gf, David Gary & gf, and me & kysern. ahahahaa. So we pretended to be a couple for a while.

Sunday: Whole day in church.

Today: ugghhhhhh monday morningggggg.


I'm suddenly questioning myself what possessed me to narrate all that I did over the weekend for everyone to see. It's like so..... 15 year old. But then again to have typed this much nonsense and not post it would be cardinal.

*shamelessly clicks post*

Friday, April 25, 2008


What started out as for-fun instrument is now sucking the juices out of my wallet. Guitar playing is expensive I tell you, now that i've caught the pedal-buying-bug aka quest for eric johnson's guitar tone.

Here's the list of money that could've and (would be) been better spent elsewhere (eg funding my dictatorship plans):

Vox Big Ben Overdrive - RM450
RMC Wizard Wah - RM 680

Soon to buy:
Pedal flight case - RM300
Boss DD20 Giga Delay - RM700 (zomg i'm buying a delay pedal... what has the world come to?!?!)
MI Audio Crunchbox - RM500

Thinking of buying:
RC/AC/BB booster - RM500 (at least)
Volume Pedal - ???

The above already comes up to a whopping Rm3000. That's double the price of my electric guitar -_-"

Any rich sugar mama's out there? *grin*

I feel so so old.

In my attempts to be more sociable with people around me (read: social experiment #1), last night I agreed to join some of my church's campus students for a movie outing.

And boy, I'm feeling the age gap.

You see, being a dec baby, I'm quite used to being the youngest among my group of friends that I hang out with. Most of my friends are at least my age, or older. Last night was a complete role reversal. Many jokes were made by them, of which none did I understand. The cake came when a friend of mine was telling me about this comedian he saw on you tube, and how I should go check it out etc... which at that moment it dawned on me that the only YouTube videos that are non music or football related which I watch nowadays are Barak Obama's presidential campaign speeches.

To top it off, while everyone was hyper at about 9pm lining up for popcorn, I was yawning. zzzzzzz. And I still am.

Old old old old old.

On other fronts, we watched Forbidden Kingdom. The movie.., man I dunno what to say. I found the production more funny than the show itself. It felt kinda B grade, with the flying martial (I initially typed "marshall" -_-" ) arts and all that, but it was quite nostalgic for me to see sun wu kong (the monkey king) again in a movie. Brought back childhood memories. But all in all I quite enjoyed it.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday morning blues

It's one of those days where you wake up on monday morning and realize you didn't have much of the weekend to youself and suddenly find yourself at work again.

Corpses, I tell you. I understand how it feels like to be one.

*returns to crunching numbers*

*crunch crunch crunch crunhc zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Playing futsal is bad for health when

  • the last time you did any proper sort of running was all the way back in Nov 2006
  • all the people you're playing with are superfit buffalos
  • shortly before playing you had a giant serving of banana leaf rice
Ughh. I think I'm going to die any moment.

Someone come collect my corpse please.

*collapses onto bed*

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Social Experiment #1

I found out, I'm a lot more vulnerable than I imagined myself to be.

I've always thought that I could place a firm lid on my emotions (any form; anger, despair, affections, bliss etc), hence rendering myself "less vulnerable" than your average 24 year old guy out there.

But damn, sometimes no matter how hard you try, it just goes beyond you. I guess I'm human after all. Heck even by posting something like this is already out of norm/character for me.

Bleh. Oh well, just embrace it.

Self social experiments make you vulnerable.

On a totally unrelated matter, I should get myself a good pair of headphones. Just need to find a pair that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Everything is so expensive nowadays.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blunders and Bloopers

When I was a young boy at the wee age of 10, my dad imparted to me very profound words of wisdom, which somehow rather unfortunately went unheeded by me up to this day. It's called:

"Read properly."


Sometimes regulatory work can be a tad bit mundane, but occasionally something comes up. Unfortunately for me, this time the "something" that came up was a mistake entirely down to my inability to read off the correct column, resulting in a rather embarassing conversation with another company's actuary.

"Well, if you take the figure from the 'Business Outside Malaysia' column and add it with the figure from the 'Business Within Malaysia' column, you will get the figure in the report."


*smacks self on forehead*

Ughh. Shy only.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Reflection for today

Deny sin, not desire.

Reading the book "The Journey of Desire" by John Eldredge (not sure how his name goes) opened my eyes to this. Often as christians (or actually anybody, for that matter) we've been indoctrinated -unconciously maybe- that to desire is evil.

Truth is, we were meant to desire. God made us that way. Always longing for a life that can and should be better. Always seeking that special moment in life where you are at peace with the world, content and satisfied with what you have, love and loved by the people around you, having a sense of worth, purpose and destiny and so on.

Unfortunately, our short term myopic nature always leads us to seek quick fixes, things that feel good for the moment, but never really satisfy, and in the end makes us worse off. We try better jobs, faster cars, bigger houses, sex, porn, alchohol and whatever else; in our attempt to fulfill that desire that is bursting deep within us.

Some of us never stop trying, but end up finding ourselves in the depths the morning after our high. Some of us, in our attempt to stop being disappointed, kill our desire, and then go on with life trying to get by.

In the beginning, when God created Man and declared that "It is good" and was pleased with what he had made -much like how I would be happy with myself writing and pulling off a blazing guitar solo-, life then was as it was meant to be. When Man could fellowship freely with God and enjoyed His divine company. Then came the Fall and the rest is history for us.

Restoration, or the fulfillment of our desire; will come in that day when the creation is united with the Creator again. In moments of worship when you have an Encounter with God, we have a glimpse of what the union will be like, a time where the deepest longings of our souls will be fulfilled, as it was meant to be.

Till then, keep desiring.

On to more trivial matters...
Aiyo! Arsenal out of all competitions again(!) this season. Referee kayuu! Last week didn't give a stonewall penalty, this week give a penalty that wasn't -_-"

Edit: I just watched the highlights and zomg... Arsenal got pawned by the referees.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Now that it's finally over...

I can have my social life again.

But just for the record, people should ban 6 hour exams. They are bad bad bad. I don't even play guitar or study for 6 hours, but I had to WRITE for 6 hours. Uggh. I'm just glad it' s over.

My most grateful thank you's to all the people who have been praying for me. I know some of you prayed harder for me than I did for myself. Thank you so much. You all are wonderful brothers and sisters. Me love all of you =)

I was watching a youtube video of Barak Obama giving a speech at some event (will link it later), he's one cool guy. I admire the values and the message of hope that he stands for. Maybe one day our country will have a leader like that.
It's nice to be back at work again, though it's kinda killjoy when you're done with your exams, happi-fied and all then suddenly you realize that you've gotta go to work the next day. Heh. Nonetheless a quiet day in the office so far, most people are away on study leave with the exam
period being now.
Aiyo they recalled the Savvy. So now have to take another day's leave to send the car to the workshop. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Proton proton...
I should not blog when my thoughts are all over the place like that.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Quarantine III

Screw studying.

Im'ma play my guitar till the cows come home. HOOOOO!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Quarantine II

Being in quarantine does mean that you're less in touch with the outside world. So last night while hanging out with my friends, they asked me, "hey daniel, have you ever heard of ken lee?"
"ken lee? who?"
"go see la oh youtube"

930am this morning, i youtubed "ken lee"

My poor brain.

But I gotta say that's one hot judge =P

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Over the past 4 days I realized I can withstand significant periods of solitude, specifically, not having human interaction for some days in a row. In fact I'm beginning to enjoy the lack of human interaction. Not bad not bad.

But maybe that also explains why I've been talking to myself more often. It plays tricks on your mind I tell you.

That said, I can't wait for Monday to come so I can get this exams done and over with.