Thursday, October 26, 2006

All we need is just a little patience.....

Sitting down here in my friends place in posh Angel, away from the ghetto neighbourhood oh Whitechapel, listening to the dramagods, waiting for my siew yoke (roast pork, chinese style) to be cooked, smelling a little busuk because of football in the evening, aching all over because i slept on the cold hard floor last night, pleased because I've finally completed two 2000 word essays, blogging because I don't want to start studying survival models till I get home and enjoy a nice decent hot shower.

Life is..... eventful. And exciting. And worth living for.

Somebody please please remind me to be careful when I say prayers like "God, teach me more patience" or "Grant me wisdom in dealing with difficult people" or "Teach me to love people as You love me." Jia lat. Can die. Triple death combo. Super duper ultimate GG. All we need is just a little patience.

But anyways, its been eventful. Life that is. My internet got cut off, for some odd reason (mainly because of some technical difficulties -the old contract expired- in applying and getting the new broadband done) and I'll only be connected online in late November. Like I'm suffering from withdrawal symptoms here. But I did realize that not having internet increases my productivity by ridiculous amount ie I spent less time chatting, surfing about reading articles that hardly concern me, comics, online shopping, youtube, football etc... and I can concentrate better on the things I really need to do (ie study), and even if I'm distracted, I go to productive distractions (practice guitar). But it does suck when I need to use the internet to send out emails or gather information for research. Which is actually quite often. So which leads me to have to plan my time better and use the lab computers. Now thats what I call GG. Lab computers.

And on monday morning, while I was on my way to do groceries, smiling at my neighbours who were all celebrating the Hari Raya (I live in a predominantly muslim area) and wishing them well, i came down from my house, looked at my bike, and realised that some -explicit deleted- had stolen my bike seat. Like why man? Why steal my seat when my butt had got itself used to the seat, after enduring the pain its been given me in the in betweens and getting used to it, and they steal my seat.

Now often when my friends tell me their sorrows of similiar experiences, I'd usually try and comfort them and tell them its no big deal. Its ok. Its just a bike seat. At least they left the bike. Imagine if they'd took the bike and left the seat. etc etc Like yeah it's just a seat.

Man I WAS PISSED. If I was God -and thankfully i'm not- I'd have called down fire and brimstone and raze them to the ground. Them and their whole families. All generations. And extended relatives. Swift and harsh retribution.

Which of course led me to wonder why couldnt I just chill out and accept that it was just a seat. I eventually did I as sat down complaining to God over lunch that I dont want to call down fire and brimstone on them anymore, but would just like to get back my seat thank you very much. Well, I didnt get back my seat, but I eventually cooled off and cycled to the nearest junk store on my seatless bike to look for a seat. Managed to get a seat -which was probably stolen of someone elses bike as well- and now I carry my bike seat around whereever I go so that the same thing wont happen again. Pray that they don't steal a wheel next time. All we need is just a little patience....

And I went for the combined CU (christian union) event in All Souls church last thursday. It was really good. The message preached was powerful, and its steal, no i mean still in my head till today. Grace, preaching the message, enduring hardship like a good soldier, perseverance (and one more which I forgot whooops), it was such a timely reminder for the whole CU, and it really impacted me personally as a Christian.

On other matters, I went to watch Les Miserables last Tuesday. Its a musical, and the story is about a guy who was sentenced to jail for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his starving family. When his sentence was over, he was blah ... i'm too lazy to explain. Go read the book or watch the musical. But anyways i thoroughly enjoyed myself as it was quite good.

Tomorrow is thursday, and it just occured to me that week 5 is going to be over in a couple of days, and weeks 6 is looming. The courseworks are going to come in really soon, and my survivals models lecturer has this great idea of doing courseworks exams style online. -_-" Like i'm so doomed man. So doomed.

Anyways, I think the siew yoke is still not ready, but i shall go read some survival models now. Till when i next have to time and internet connection to blog.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Something smells fishy

Just read a report in today's Star newspaper that the Melaka state goverment wants to build a "110m high revolving tower".

I know it MIGHT be a great boost to tourism, but I think that our YAB should think about building more schools, giving more financial assistance to existing ones, improve the public transport system and stuff like that rather than build a revolving tower.

But then again the boost to tourism might create more jobs and help boost the local economy, which will have spillover effects (more jobs, more tourists, more jams and congestion) which could benefit the state as well. Its hard to argue against politicians, i mean, economics.

But then having already spend a few million on THAT stupid artificial waterfall, and another million on THAT 50m plasma screen, whats another few million of taxpayers money. Anyway, who remembers/notices you for building more schools and hospital and good public transport? You'll only be remembered if you build multi million dollar landmarks.

At least I'll get to stand on top of it with my durian cendol in hand and enjoy a panoramic view of Malacca. Anyone care to join me?

edit: OMG it's not a few million. its RM 21 million

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Triple death combo

So it's confirmed.

I'm doing the triple death combination of electives called pensions, life (& health insurance) and GI (general insurance).

So now my life for the next 6 months will be between doing Pensions Coursework, Life Courseworks, GI courseworks, Survival Model Courseworks (notice the irony of the terms "life" and "survival") , SPMI (dont even ask) courseworks, the CU(christian union), and last but not least, my rock star plans. Oh yeah, how could I forget my Final Year Project.

TGIF - So i can start research on the projects -_-"

But nonetheless, the CU meeting was totally awesome. I mean like TOTALLY AWESOME. Simply because God was there. Such an honour to serve there.

*sighs with happiness*

And happy tang-lung festival kids. Make sure you set your lanterns on fire, and eat lots of mooncakes. Especially the tau sa ones. They're really good.

Friday, October 06, 2006


Tired: me


Content: me


Joyful: me

Thank You, Lord. Thank You.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Some photos I dug out from my comp, decided to upload them here, just for memories sake. In no particular order:George, my former housemate, valiantly attempting to blow up an inflatable mattress (the pump didn't work). He didn't succeed.
Today, outside my ghetto flats. I'm learning to appreciate of the works of the Creator.
Malacca Evangelical Free Church. Where I grew up in a loving family. Its been torn down to make way for a new church building =)

The Acts Church, the next closest thing to home.
Home sweet home.
Joel, Chern Zhi and Matthew. Eating nasi lemak with your buddies in church, there's nothing better than that.
Aunty Lay Choo and Lesley share a happy moment
The CF in St. David's High School today (well about 1 year ago). "Prayer Changes Things" says the words on the wall. I remember putting it up 5 years ago when we were in school. Some things don't change though.

A scenic scene in Universiti Malaysia Sabah, after our kinabalu trip.
Band of Brothers. We're all over the place now. Sigh.
Skiing in the frech alps, with dudes from cambridge.
Nothing more rewarding than the sight of sunrise when you're at the peak of Mt. Kinabalu.
Me and Wilbur making fun of John Boy at Laban Rata, halfway up Kinabalu.
Me invading somewhere in Trafalgar Square. Note the CCTV above the door.

The day we left for london. The whole 223y Subang gang with us at KLIA.
From left, Ian, Ernest, Me, Ding, Alvin, Kenneth, Jeremy, Marcus.
In Oxfordshire. Yuli charging across as we were taking a group picture.
Watching Arsenal Porto at the emirates stadium. An experience of a lifetime.
The lake district.
Me and alvin checking out the camera.
Getting a tan at the Collesseum in Rome.

Irene, Alvin and Carlyn having fun waiting for a DLR to come at the Canary Wharf station.
The turkey we tried to roast in the our first christmas here. It tasted weird.
Self portrait in Luxembourg.
Me, Ding and Alvin attempting a Happy Tree Friends pose in Bath.
Taking a picture with the legendary Tommy Emmanuel.


Time to move on.