Sunday, December 31, 2006

blog blog blog

Here's to one of those horrifically long posts.

All in a bunch of random notes.

2006 is almost gone, and soon 2007 will be here (or is already here, depending on which part of the world you are in and when you are reading this). Time flies so fast when you least expect it to, and soon i'll finish my degree and graduate. Can't wait for that day to come. In May. But in the meantime theres this small matter of 4 final papers in 2 weeks time. And 3 final papers in May. And a final year project to top it all up.

Study study study baby yeah!

Walawe 4 papers in 5 days is just too much.

I been spending the last month (ie dec) using up my antisocial quota that was unfinished. Isolation from the world for a short period of time is good for you soul, i tell you. Not too long though. Although i did venture out occasionally to get supplies and that single christmas dinner, i've been pretty much living in quarantine. And doing a lot of thinking. Which often happens only when i'm depressed. And the depressing thing about this depression is that i don't know why i'm depressed. As a science/math trained student, the worst case scenario to solving a problem is not knowing what the problem is. But nonetheless i'll continue to search for the reason of this depression, and hopefully, while i'm at it, forget about this depression in the first place.
Over my quarantine month i came to the realization about how fragile humans are. And how grievous knowledge can be. People nowadays glorify the human will so much, eg, "When there's a will, there's a way so they say." And if you don't make it you're classified as having a weak will. Weakling. Someone who cannot go far. Get out of my sight, u weakling! Let's place the strong willed guy on the pedestal instead and write books about his life and how they made it big. When in truth is, all of us are so prone to failure, our fears, so many things beyond our control, death, tragedy etc. You wake up in the morning and determine in your heart to not do this and not do that, and do this right etc, and by night you've gone against everything that you willed for in the morning. So much for the strength of the human will - though i'm not implying that we should go on living without a purpose or will and drift about aimlessly, just that we overglorify the "human will" element.

And i also realized that the more you know, the more you know you don't know, the more you are unable to do, the more things are beyond your control. The more you care, the more you are unable to care; etc. The list goes on. So comes the saying ignorance is bliss. But to be ignorant is to live like a fool. A happy fool maybe. But i consider ignorance an act of selfishness. Because you have to capacity to bring about changes for the better, but you choose to ignore it. But yet to know is to be grieved, and to fight a never ending battle that you will never win. Pretty bleak outlook on life huh?
I just realized i've used up my "but" quota for 2007 in the last 2 sentences.
On to more trivial matters, I don't usually make new year resolutions, but nonetheless i did come up with a few when i was up last night lying on my bed at 3am fighting off the effects of caffein.

Anyways here are a few of them.

1. Swear off anime and computer games until i graduate.
Possibility of success: Confirm fail.

2. Learn every single song in GnR's Appetite for Destruction album.
Possibility of success: Achievable if i don't get bored of it.
In short, highly unlikely. 50% is good enough.

3. Get my biological clock back in order.
Possiblity of success: Must be done in order to wake up in time for exams.

4. Learn to sing and not sound like cinapek.
Possibility of success: Quite hard because i cannot tahan my own singing.

5. Play Steve Vai's "Tender Surrender"
Possibility of success: 0%. But still worth a shot.

6. Do some excercise. Nahhhh.
You know you got some serious colour issues when your brown underwear comes out from the washing machine blue in colour.
Hard Gay Ramen!
I'm deciding whether or not to give this long hair thing one last try or to just cut it short. Decisions decisions.
Any suggestions???
i received a friendster testimonial from Joannah the other day stating she heard my x-rated recording of Eric Clapton's Layla Unplugged. Why Enoch WAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIII????
It's 230pm, new year's eve, and time to study.

Happy new year folks!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The day after...

After this morning's fiasco (see previous post) where i completely flipped out because of the rubbish amount of coursework that i had (note the past tense), i woke up this morning -after sleeping at 530am the night/morning before- deciding that i won't care about* the last question of general insurance coursework which concerns accounts of an insurance company (which i worked on for 3 hours but failed to get it right), i went off to town today with James to oogle -kids please note that the correct spelling is ogle- at guitars and forget the sorrows of the world.

*Don't care is subject to daniel's paranoia about a wrong coursework question affecting the final exam mark which ultimately be the deciding factor between and first class and second class honours. Dont care changes according to mood.

And after oogling at guitars for a good 1 hour in various guitar shops in london, we came upon this shop that i once entered (upon my quest on buying an electric guitar) and stepped out immediately because of the relatively unaffordable price tags on the guitars. But today the mission was to oogle and not buy, and plus i had james with me, so we went in and continued our oogling spree.

So anyways I was oogling at some guitar pedals in the cabinet when James comes up to me and says, "Hey dude I really try out some of the pedals here."

So we went up to this guy who was basically fiddling about with a guitar and spoke to him concerning the matter. So he asks, "What kind of stuff do you play? What kind of sound are you looking for?"

Now my dear buddy James coolly points at me and says, "Well my friend here is looking for a wah/distortion pedal, and he basically plays stuff from Gilbert and Vai."

Riighhhhhtttt. -_-""

He could have at least said "tried to play".

But anyways, thankfully he didn't ask me to play, and he proceeded to do a few demos on some different pedals. And I, fresh from a month of non-stop coursework packed action, found the joys of retail therapy all too easily.

So i blew my budget for 2007 and got myself this new toy.

Its the Metal Muffer!!!

I messed about with it when i got home, and found out that i could get my pathetic 15W hiwatt practice amp to sound like zakk wylde on overdrive. Come on baby yeah! Crank up the distortion!!!!!


I recently realised that my brother has a natural talent for posing. Just compare the two photos below:

My brother.

Like how the heck do you beat that. This one beats all the poser shots i've seen so far.

But anyways, i'm off to istanbul on monday for a holiday. Will be back on the 16th.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

take a deep breath...


ahh.... pardon me. needed to let that out. neighbours dont like me screaming at the balcony at 230am. so i scream here. sorry if i hurt your ears :P

ok back to work.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Woke up one day and saw irene online... so decided to give her a hearty hello daniel lee stlyle. This was the conversation then ensued:

mrdaniel says:

Ї®êи€ says:
Sorry, this is Irene's mom

mrdaniel says:
ohh my apoligies

ughh... sugguh memalukan. talk about blunders

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bestest Birthday Ever!

Today I am 22. And this post is dedicated to all the wonderful ppl who made it such a fantastic day.

Good morning!! You're 22 today!!

Woke up this morning feeling like... well the picture says it all. Half dead. Slept at 3am the night before, and was up chatting with friends from back home who were wishing me happy 22nd birthday. Woke up at 930 due to the sound of drilling in the apartments around mine. Decided it would be futile to go on sleeping.

Work baby work!

Life for the past few weeks had been work work work work work. And still is. Today however, I turned on "super lazy mode" and decided to do nothing. Well i tried to read up on my final year project (partly conscience pricking but mainly because its due the first draft is due this thursday...eeek!!), but then i covered a grand total of 2 pages in 4 hours and can't recall what I read about.

But anyways i digress.

Ended up watching the Steve Vai: Live in London Astoria DVD that James lent to me. When I watch guitar players like that i often ask myself why do I even bother to try playing.

So anyways, went off to uni after to meet Hafiz to get some anime from him *thanks hafiz!!!*.

And came back, tried to play some guitar but my fingers decided it didn't want to and ended up trying to read my FYP again before finally doing the sensible thing and watched Gundam Seed.

And later the guys came over for dinner to celebrate with me...
And they brought me presents too.
A U2 CD/DVD/Book plus a 10 pound bookshop gift voucher. Shopping at borders tomorrow! Hurrah!!!!

And we capped the day off by watching the new Bond movie Casino Royale. Ah that movie deserves a post by itself.

Hmm... I suddenly realised this post was supposed is meant to be dedicated to those who made it such a fantastic day and I've forgot to do that.

But anyways,

Thank you

Dad, mom, esther, matthew for the birthday ecard that you sent! My father super high tech. I also dunno how to send E card. I super bangga.

Joy, who called me up all the way from malaysia to wish me a happy be-early birthday. Miss you lots!!

Nick Chan, who despite all the hardship and trouble he goes through, sent an sms-wishing me happy birthday. hang in there bro, i'm praying with you.

Li Jin, who wished me happy birthday *although not counted because I had to tell you :P*

Sze Chuen, who stayed up all the way till midnight despite having to wake up at 6am this morning for work so that he could wish me happy birthday when the clock struck 12.

Eileen Tey, who specially got to uni at 8am in the morning in bali to use the internet connection so she could wish me happy birthday at midnight london time, even though i forgot her birthday despite being specifically reminded a few days before :P

Rachel Tan, who always remembers my birthday, although i never remember hers. *ehehe sorry ha*

Seok Huei and Chee Kean, Sandy, Stephanie, Hui Jun, albert ling (boi!-sorry didn't managed to get back to you in time, was watching gundam :P), who msn-ed me and wished me happy birthday!

Jay Loh, who wrote me a email wishing me happy birthday. Made me feel super terharu.

Chern Liang, my PG leader back home, who took the time to wish me happy birthday before rushing off to work.

Jack Ling, also my PG leader, who sent me the E card with some advice on how a surefire way of retrieving guitar picks that have fallen into the sound hole!

My brother Matthew, who sent me his own version of a E card in which I was supposed to pin the monkey's tail on its ass!

Irene, who gave the best E card ever with the dancing amah and dog!

Suzanna, who wished me happy birthday on my blog. Aiya... i didnt know you read my blog.

Joannah and Siang, who both wished me happy birthday on friendster =)

Pastor Sandra!!! Who took time out of all the important things that you have to attend to to write me an email to wish me happy birthday and find out how i'm doing. *super pastor!!* Sorry lah i didn't write back despite being in London for so long... hehe :P Come visit in march!!

Lesley Lim.. happy birthday to you as well!!

Aunty Lay Choo.... thank you aunty!! I belanja you makan when i get back. If you allow me to, that is ;)

Caryn and Apu aka AH, thanks for the birthday wishes! Apu sayang kau tak datang makan ngan kita orang. We missed the hunk. Caryn......aiyo the only girl in our group never come. All guys. where can?? :P

Jacky, Dennis.... for coming all the way to the ghetto to celebrate with me and belanja me makan despite your budget concerns. I truly appreciate it =)

Daniel Nee aka CB, for coming to celebrate with me. Come to whitechapel more often!!! And thanks for the gift voucher!

Chia Wei, Ding, and Alvin aka SB, for taking time out -esp ding and chia wei, from WoW..I mean your FI- to come over here and celebrate. Alvin and Ding for the U2 present! And Chia Wei for the gift voucher as well. London won't rock as much without you guys around. THANK YOU.

Thank You Jesus, for 22 wonderful years of life with You.

Today I am 22.