Monday, October 22, 2007

The internet connection at work sucks

It really really sucks. But then, imagine life at work without internet.

To quote the auntie in the singaporean movie I Not Stupid, its "horleejeepel teleecheepel vegieetapel" (read horrible terrible vegetable).

Its been raining in KL recently. So heavy that its like raining water buffalos. Makes very nice sleeping moments but poor working conditions. Especially when the damned air con in your office is freezing cold. Makes you feel like...hibernating.

Will update more on the upcoming AYA awards when more information is available.

Monday, October 15, 2007

AYA Awards, baby yeah!

AYA Awards are coming up on the 4th of November!

Click on the picture above for a direct link to the website.

Having taken a while to convince the skeptic side of me, I think that this is a brilliant idea, and now, execution plan as well. Considering that Astro will be broadcasting it live, and it has the support of the Ministry of National Unity, it's gonna be quite a mega event. I'll be there at KLPAC!

My housemate is nominee no 13. Wakaka.

Monday, October 08, 2007

BBC hard talk

This was a BBC interview with Malaysia's foreign minister, Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar. While I do not totally agree with all his views, I must say, Mr Albar (thankfully not Alba(!)) did a good job in holding his own. Sarah Montague (the gwai loh interviewer) got pawned. Big time. I think she did a very poor job in preparing for the interview and getting her facts and sources right. Louya betul. Ahahaha. Sucks to be her.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Haven't done this in a while....

Posting pictures, that is.

Aiyo. I hate the its-monday-tomorrow sunday night syndrome.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Time to blog about stuff

Its a beautiful Friday and in a few hours time I shall be making my drive back home to Melaka for the weekend. Always nice to have the weekend round the corner.


I was reading my own blog -yes I like to read my own writings- and noticed that a total stranger would get the impression that I'm a raving lunatic. Well, I am :D

But anyways I was thinking long and hard about whether I should blog about what was on my mind earlier in the day. And as of now I'm still kinda undecided, but I guess since I'm halfway through I'll mention it briefly anyways.

Following recent developments about the different issues in our country today, mainly THAT video clip that everyone is talking about (well there are other things too: PAC findings, ACA, EC, police force, C4-ed Mongolian model, lawatan sambil belajar to Silk Road in China, not very intelligent ppl in the dewan rakyat, etc), reading different articles and reports (newspapers, blogs, websites), well, I dunno what to conclude. Its just interesting to note how the pro govt newspapers (i.e. the Star), the slightly more neutral (NST & Sun), the very not pro govt (the rest of the media) choose their choice of words -or none at all- in reporting the issue.

You know, the thing I never like about reading "opposition" blogs like Lim Kit Siang (see hyperlink on right) and MalaysiaToday or MalaysiaKini (google them cos I'm lazy to link), is that although they contain a element of truth (note that depending on the writer/topic of discussion the size of the "element of truth" varies greatly, but anyways read it on your own and draw your own conclusion on that as well), after a certain period of exposure to these blogs, you kinda feel angry or depressed or both. It's hardly inspirational material. But then again when you read some of the local papers you get a sneaky feeling that lots of stuff is not properly reported or worded in such a way that you get a different impression (well not exactly inspirational either, just the kena tipu type of feeling). Ignorance is foolishness, but knowledge is a pain as well.

Which is why I refrain from blogging down my thoughts -on the political side of things- here. There's enough websites out there for you to read those kinda stuff.

So as far as I'm concerned, LETS GO ROLL SOME KATAMARI!


I seriously need to come up with a better plan for my future dictatorship to work.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Something was stuck in my eye

but thankfully its gone now, i think. Either that or I've gotten used to it being there.

Its one cold and rainy day here in KL (well cold being relative to the usual 34C), and the gloomy weather just makes me wanna lie down and sleep. But then again, I always wanna lie down and sleep so I guess I don't qualify to make any statements like that.

I just realized how quickly time flies by when you are working. Like blink blink and the week is over. Blink a bit longer and then you're 40 years old. Nonetheless, its enjoyable. (working life that is, not the blink and reach 40 years old part)

Last night I happen to come across the most incredible game mankind has ever made. Its called "WE LOVE KATAMARI!!" and right now all I can think of is *roll roll roll roll roll*. Basically they game revolves around you -yes, you- having a sticky ball and being responsible to roll up everything in sight on with your sticky ball. Everything meaning paper clips, books, cats, fish, people, cars, houses, monuments, countries, ultraman vs godzilla (yes i'm not kidding), clouds, the list is endless. Its so cool that all i can think of now is *roll roll roll roll rolllllllllllllllllll*

I need to get new guitar pedals. Boutique ones. But I dunno where to get them in KL. Its times like these when I miss London.

And finally,


"roll roll roll roll roll"