Friday, December 02, 2005

I is 21

Today, or yesterday rather, i celebrated my 21st birthday. A joyous and momentous occasion, which the first few hours was spent rushing to settle my probability and stats 2 coursework. Hard life aint it?

But anyways, coursework was duly and promptly settled, and after a long day of class till 6pm, i went home, took a bath and waited for alvin to blow dry his hair before we set off again to chia wei's place. Anyways we had a nice meal there, lots of tembaking of each other, especially chia wei(poor boy got shot to bits). But anyways the delightful surprise of the night for me was the birthday present which i got from the whole lot of them. Really nice of them.

And now here i am, 21 years of age, deciding wearing my new arsenal home kit, sitting in front of the computer blogging about stuff.

And they just rushed up saying its time for dota.

So i guess i'll stop here now, show san loo i can pawn him but i give chance, and more importantly just have some