Tuesday, February 13, 1990

An Intimate Encounter

She was in my thoughts all the while. That sweet rich voice of hers played back and forth in my head. I thought I was going mad. I knew I had to go meet her.

It was a day when "the stars aligned" - as Alvin would say it.And I met her. The one. I stood there transfixed for a moment, my gaze meeting hers. We looked straight into each other. And we saw eternity together.

The dream had come true. My hands trembling, I moved foward and extended my arms towards her. I held her in my arms, firmly but gently, and we both sat down together, and pondered what life would be like. A smile broke across my face.

I moved my hands across her body, and felt every little detail of her, missing no part out. And as I ran my fingers across her, she began speaking to me. Such a melodious voice. Rich and warm. That voice of hers sent a tingling sensation up my spine.

But then I let her go. For a moment, I pondered the consequences of my actions. Looking deep at her again, a million thoughts ran through my mind. Between how it is and how it could be. And I knew then if I had let go of her I might regret it for the rest of my life.

And I sat there with her for a little while more, spending time with her and savouring every moment spent with her. And I continued to move my hands across her neck, touching it softly, with all the skill and experince that I could summon. She began to speak again. Hearing her voice once more, I knew that I had to take her home with me.

So I called the sales guy and told him that I wanted that guitar. What you all thinking lah?

And there she is now, sitting happily in my room. Sheer bliss.

Ah, my beautiful tanglewood.

Anyways, it's been a dream come true to own a real nice acoustic guitar. Can't really ask for more.

But really, I could do with another 120 pounds to get those darned Fishman pickups.

Spring is here. Feel and savour it.